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Hey there,

I'm Mikael Mannberg,
I'm an engineer and self-proclaimed adventurer.

I build vision systems for UAVs, lead the sensor kit development for Project Athena and supervise students doing research on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Computer Vision.

I also play squash, go climbing and I'm learning to sail. Oh, I like diving & skydiving too, I'm studying spanish and, well, I'm Swedish! I also build webapps such as Dripple and I blog for Maintain.

Since I live in a tiny little village I travel often, usually I spend a couple of months abroad every year. My last trip was to Cuba and I have visited over 40 countries so far.
Only 155 to go...

Contact me

MOBILE: +44 (0) 7983 57 17 76
EMAIL: mikael@mannberg.co.uk
FACEBOOK: Mikael Mannberg
SKYPE: mikaelmannberg